QUICKOM gives control over communications back to you, with a focus on protecting your online identity

Privacy protected

Enjoy a peace of mind communicating anytime, anywhere without revealing your phone number

Fully Controllable

Manage and control how people can contact you with options from one time validity, expiration date, budget limit and more


Apart from a smartphone, no special equipment is required, and there are no intermediaries between you and the user

Your inbound communication, exactly how you want it

When it comes to online trading activities, personal connections, or classified advertisements, QUICKOM gives you complete control over your privacy to design the QR codes in whatever way you want such as applying one-time calling validity, expiration date for a certain time period only, or even a budget limit. For example, if you post a classified advertisement on Craigslist with a time-limited QR code, you can let people contact you for a certain time only. Once your transaction is completed, no one can contact you again as the QR code expires.

Buyer-to-seller communication with ease of connectivity

Direct communication between buyers and sellers can boost more conversion on e-commerce platforms. QUICKOM lets sellers create different QR codes for different products and share the codes on e-commerce marketplaces or any social platforms like Facebook as their online contact. The sellers can receive calls or messages from their customers in real-time while the buyers will be able to ask queries about product and contact the sellers for delivery or any order issue.
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