Classroom: up to 1000 people
Click to join a classroom in seconds-with nothing to download. Each classroom can accommodate up to 1000 participants with high-quality, video-first classrooms that bring people face-to-face.
Call Center
No extra hardware or set-up costs. Invite your agents, organize your workflows, and open for business anywhere.
Corporate Communication
Click to join a group meeting in seconds—with nothing to download. Enjoy high-quality, video-first meetings that bring people face-to-face.
Personal Communication with 100% privacy control
The QR code can be used as a contact to replace the regular phone number with 100% privacy control.
The QUICKOM Solutions
Making teaching and conferencing more flexible
QUICKOM Classroom was designed specifically for a large classroom or big conference hall, making real-time communication with a capacity of up to 1000 students or participants possible with ease. This allows educational institutions and business organizations across the world to organize distance classes and/or real time online conferences anytime and anywhere at the cheapest possible cost, which saves time, hassle and even the pollution associated with travel.
Great video technology on the great decentralized cloud network
Quickom Classroom is U.S. patent pending technology. It offers full HD video support with low-bandwidth usage worldwide, which is made possible by the decentralized cloud network. Quickom Classroom also offers a full suite of two-way interactive tools for teaching in such a way that all in-class activities between teachers and students are just as desirable as if they’re physically in the same space.
Accessibility without barrier but with full security
Accessing QUICKOM Classroom is seamless. With only a click, students can join a class without any software required. Teachers can allow students access his or her class within a range of security options: freely without any restrictions (one-click joining), or with a passcode, or even with 3rd party authentication. Teachers will always have the choice to set their own security parameters.
Keep your customers happy
Set up your own call center instantly with no extra investments, no IT consultants required. Only pay for what you use with our pay-per-use or subscription pricing model, and at the best rate that we know you will love.
Integrate with the services you already use
QUICKOM integrates with the most widely used cloud-based applications like Telegram to optimize any workplace. This brings QUICKOM technology into the apps you already use—keeping your team working efficiently on one platform. See how seamless integration can increase your business outcomes.
Set your global teams for success
At the heart of great teams is great communication. QUICKOM brings together dispersed team members across the globe so everyone always stays on the same page - all on a single unified solution.
Team collaboration like never before
QUICKOM provides advanced two-way interactive video conferencing that helps drive better precision-targeted problem-solving meetings at scale, with on-the-go access to direct and group messaging, file sharing, and calls, you can move seamlessly from desktop to mobile and back again.
Get more things done with group meetings
Group meetings via video conferencing are now as simple and seamless as meeting in person. Simply click to join a group meeting absolutely anywhere—with nothing to download. Share your screen or make annotations on documents so everyone can get on the same page together more easily.
Keep your phone number protected
Don't want to give out telephone number that's tied to your personal information? Simply create your own QR code with conditions that you want, even for one-time validity, and share it as your contact. All communication connections to you will be in your complete control.

Customers and Partners

QUICKOM powers communication for the most innovative companies in the world with a range of representatives as follows
Press Coverage

Beowulf Blockchain, the B2B decentralized cloud network for communication services pioneer, today announces its strategic partnership with CBA Ventures (Cross Border Associates Ventures), the South Korea-based technology incubator and hub for the innovative entrepreneurial and startup community. The strategic partnership will facilitate an ongoing liaison between the companies wherein CBA Ventures will mutually cooperate with Beowulf Blockchain for the promotion of Beowulf’s comprehensive technology stack within both companies’ respective countries of influence, starting with universities and colleges in India, South Korea, EU and Vietnam.


The decentralized communication network pioneer Beowulf Blockchain has announced a global partnership with E-TELECONNECT, the Philippines’s leading company for business call center service. In this partnership, E-TELECONNECT will adopt the use of Beowulf’s QUICKOM Call Center technology, enabling E-TELECONNECT customers to utilize QUICKOM’s unique QR code technology, wherein they can scan a QR code and immediately contact E-TELECONNECT’s call center.


Beowulf, a full-service B2B telecommunications company, announced that a U.S. patent is pending on its QUICKOM inbound communication system.

The Crypto Sight
Join the inbound communication network!
Stay on top of your inbound communication with complete privacy control on every device that you own. QUICKOM is available for iOS, Android smartphones or Windows and MacOS desktops.
For Classroom and Call Center
For Personal Communication
Choose the better way to communicate with QUICKOM.

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