Communicate better and more privately with a QR Code

QUICKOM by Beowulf is an inbound communication system built on QR code for call centers and personal transactions. With QUICKOM, your customers and users will be able to call you directly by scanning the QR code using the built-in camera on their smartphone. Such QR codes can be fully customizable for its destination, expiration date and communication purposes to ensure complete privacy control.

QUICKOM for Call Center

QUICKOM lets you set up your own call center instantly with no extra investments, no IT consultants required. Only pay for what you use with our pay-per-use pricing, at the lowest rate that we know you will love.

QUICKOM for Personal Use

Don't want to give out telephone number that's tied to your personal information? Simply create your own QR code and share it as your contact, the inbound communication to you will be in your complete control and private.
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Live chat support with Machine Learning AI-powered chatbots. Increase levels of automation and scale up your customer service

Voice Calling

Let your customers or anyone call you by scanning the code. Customize the conditions for each call with full flexibility.

Video Calling

High quality video call embedded with just a QR code. Instant text messaging feature during the video call
Advanced Analytics System to Boost Business Performance
QUICKOM’s advanced analytics system helps sales managers and business owners make more data-driven decisions. Monitor performance on real-time dashboards to better manage your resources in the moment. Then, take advantage of unlimited history and call recordings to review individual or Business trends.
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Press Coverage

Do you know that giving out your phone number is dangerous? You could easily lose access to your bank account, or your other online accounts, due to the risks of the modern world! For most of our lives, we have been conditioned to divulge our ten-digit identification numbers in a flash, as millions of us do in stores and online on a daily basis. But little do we know that our phone numbers may disclose more information about us than just our full names. In fact, these digits are attached with other outbound information, such as our dates of birth and home addresses, and are increasingly more connected with the apps that we use daily.


Beowulf, a full-service B2B telecommunications company, announced that a U.S. patent is pending on its QUICKOM inbound communication system.

The Crypto Sight

We all remember our own phone number, but what about other people’s? According to a 2010 study, less than half of us know our partner’s number by heart. It would be fair to assume that figure has decreased in the years since. While we have collectively delegated the responsibility for storing digits to our mobile phones, a new communication app is promising to replace phone numbers altogether. QUICKOM, built by decentralized communications specialist Beowulf, utilizes QR codes to connect people without using clunky telephone numbers.


Join the inbound communication network

Stay on top of your inbound communication with a peace of mind on every device that you own. QUICKOM is available for iOS, Android smartphones and Windows desktops.

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